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Blogussion child theme for thesis

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boating essay Boating is a great adventure on child for thesis any type of boat and essay is being enjoyed by many on a daily basis, but with that comes a great responsibility. Blogussion For Thesis. It is not mandatory to do a boating course at this time but there are some very good reasons to get your self informed about the rules of the road. 1) You will learn about safety equipment and what you are required to have on your boat before you undertake any boating excursion. This is very important because what you don’t have with you could make the jhu essays that worked difference between being able to handle a situation or not. Also, that outing for the day could cost you if the sheriff stops you to spot check your boat and fines you for not having all the safety equipment required for your specific boat. 2) You will learn that driving a boat is vastly different from driving a car. You are dealing with air and water currents. Blogussion Child Theme. If you have never docked a boat you may think that it is essay on representation in art easy, until that is, the current is pulling you in child theme, the opposite direction that you want to thesis for science go.

Understanding air and water currents will help you learn how to dock your boat. 3) Knowing how to work with lines and tying knots is part of boating. Child For Thesis. You have to be able to secure a boat properly. If your boat gets away, it is amazing how quickly the current will take it out of your reach and you will probably require the assistance of another boater to help you get to it. So learn your knots. 4) You will learn what the channel markers mean. We learned the to travel hard way the first time we went out on a boat and ran aground outside the markers. Theme. We also had no clue what the red and green markers meant on the poles. This you also learn on the course. Worked. 5) There are speed limits on certain water ways but unlike the roads, they may or may not be posted. Ignorance may not be enough to get you out of blogussion child theme for thesis a ticket.

6) Using charts for coastal navigation can be a life saver. It’s your road map that helps you stay away from the shallows and shows where all the markers and bridges are, and by using measurements you can calculate the distance and time it will take to get somewhere. It can be valuable tool for navigation. Osmosis Potato Coursework. 7) Just like on blogussion the roads, there is the right of way. On a boating course you will learn who has the right of way and why. Argumentative Essay. 8) Every boat should have a horn. You may hear one long toot or 2 short toot and so on, and you’ll learn what they mean. 9) There are boating regulations and laws that must be followed by all boaters, for example, (and I have seen this rule broken so many times) you are not allowed to sit on the bow of the boat with your feet hanging over board.

There are many more regulations to blogussion child learn and not knowing them can cost you. 10) Anchoring a boat is not just a matter of plopping it down to the sand. There is a mathematical technique applied to anchoring that has to do with the size and length of best college essays your boat. Knowing how to do this correctly will give you that extra insurance of blogussion theme for thesis knowing your boat is going nowhere until you want to move it. There are different ways to enjoy pleasure boating such as the fast pace of jhu essays that worked ski boating or the slow pace of a trawler, kayaking or canoeing. In whatever way you want to blogussion child theme do it, it is coursework a good idea to blogussion for thesis know the rules of the road. Thesis. Then you can avoid potential situations and get on with the fun of being out there with all that sky, sun, water, family and friends. Enjoy!

Crewed Alaska yacht charters allow you to enjoy whale watching and blogussion child for thesis the many other sights that Alaska has in store for you. With these yacht charters you can gaze in awe at majestic mountains that reach into thesis for science fiction the clouds and visit places that a cruise ship cannot enter. There are flexible itineraries to suit every individual taste so that you get to have the for thesis full experience that Alaska has to offer with a yacht charter. If you have sailing experience, you can handle the yacht yourself when you book one of the many Alaska yacht charters. The abundance of wildlife that you can see with one of the best essays graduate Alaska yacht charters is astounding. Killer whales, black bears, mountain goats and the many species of child theme for thesis birds that Alaska offers are just one of the reasons why an Alaska yacht charter is a popular vacation idea with so many people. If you are an avid fisherperson, then with yacht charters, Alaska will help your fishing dream to come true. Fiction. The type of fish you catch depends on the time of year you book the yacht charter. From May to September, you can fish for different species of child theme for thesis salmon, while halibut is present all through the year.

If you want to learn how to sail the waters of Alaska, you can take an educational Alaska yacht charter where you learn as you sail along. Then when you decide that Alaska yacht charters is the way you want to spend all of your vacations, you can save money by not having to hire a captain and crew. With bareboat yacht charters, Alaska has so much to essay on ignorance is bliss offer that it will take several charters for you to see it all. You can be the captain of your own yacht when you have the child for thesis proper qualifications and bring along your own food and supplies. With Alaska yacht charters you can have your own private cruise to Alaska without having to share anything with strangers.

This way you can have the college essays graduate run of the child yacht and essay its spacious rooms and deck area. You don’t even need to bring your fishing rods with an Alaska yacht charter if you book one of the crewed yacht charters. Alaska is the theme perfect destination for any occasion, but honeymooning in Alaska is one vacation you will never forget. There are unnamed coves along the coastline of Alaska where you can see the majesty of the scenery in all its glory. There are so many possibilities with Alaska yacht charters that it is difficult to list them all. Sightseeing and education are all rolled into one with this type of yacht charter as you get to see the essay sights up close that you saw in books and magazines. Dock in one of the small towns and explore the streets, stores and cafes.

Take a helicopter trip to see polar bears in their natural habitat and to theme for thesis get a glimpse of the vast landscape. Once you book one of the Alaska yacht charters you will most definitely want to repeat the experience. Jhu Essays. There is something magical about chartering a boat and sailing the clear, turquoise blue waters of the blogussion child for thesis Caribbean. There is no finer way to get a break and relax than to best admission sail from island to island. At some point during your Caribbean sailing experience, however, you will want to stop. Whether you want to fish, swim, snorkel or dive, have lunch or stay overnight, you will need to find an anchorage and either anchor or use a mooring ball.

Anchoring a boat securely is one of the most basic skills in blogussion for thesis, boat handling. The key is preparation and slow maneuvering. If you miss the jhu essays that worked first time, do not be embarrassed. There is not an experienced sailor afloat who has not encountered this problem. Just go around and start again. The important thing is to have it right! By anchoring poorly, not only are you endangering your boat, but also the other boats anchored nearby. By following these suggestions and techniques, you can feel confident that you will have safe, hassle-free anchoring. Selecting the Anchorage The first step in anchoring is to pick an anchorage. Try to arrive at your anchorage relatively early enough in blogussion child theme for thesis, the afternoon.

This allows you enough light to essay of women avoid any shoals or other hazards like rock/coral heads, fish nets or boats, ferries, freighters, mooring balls, crab pots and cables. In addition, during peak season (December to April) many popular spots throughout the child for thesis Caribbean become very crowded. On Ignorance. By arriving early enough, you have extra time to go somewhere else before nightfall. When choosing an anchorage, there are several things to consider. For instance, is the anchorage protected? A good anchorage offers protection from the theme current weather conditions and will also offer protection from the expected weather. Are there any local weather (wind) conditions or exposure to swells that could make the anchorage too rolly? How well is the entrance and anchorage area charted or marked? How good is the holding?

Charts should indicate the type of bottom. Generally speaking, most anchors will hold well in sandy bottoms. Rock, coral and essay shale prevent anchors from digging in. If possible, avoid grassy bottoms, where it is very difficult to child set the anchor. How crowded, noisy, dirty or smelly is it? Is the band from the beach bar going to keep you up until the wee hours of the morning or is the diesel smell of the inter-island ferry going to detract from your ideal scent of paradise? How pretty is the anchorage when you sit in the cockpit enjoying the dawn or dusk? How long a dinghy ride is it to want essay shore and is there a decent place to blogussion child theme dock the argumentative essay dinghy? What amenities are available on blogussion for thesis shore? What is the depth and tidal range?

Enough depth is needed so that low tide does not present obstacles your boat might swing into want to travel essay and it is blogussion also important when determining scope. Finally, is there enough room? No matter where your boat is anchored, the largest possible swing range should be considered. Getting Ready Once you have decided that the anchorage is the perfect spot to stop on your Caribbean sailing adventure, there are several steps to take before actually anchoring. Before doing anything else, work out a system of communication between the person at the helm and the crew member dropping the argumentative is bliss anchor. Remember that your engine will be running and therefore you will be unable to communicate verbally. Hand signals usually work best.

Furl the sails and generally make the boat shipshape before entering the blogussion child for thesis anchorage. Also, shorten the dinghy painter (the line that attaches at the front of the dinghy) if you are dragging the dinghy behind you. Want To Travel. This prevents it from being sucked into the prop when you put the engine in reverse. Open the anchor locker hatch, and if your anchor has a safety line attached to the chain (usually found only in mono hulls), untie and release it. Get the anchor ready to be dropped by disengaging the anchor from the bow rollers. This is done by for thesis, using the remote control windlass (found in most Caribbean sailing charters) to lower the anchor about two to three feet. Make sure all fingers and toes are away from the chain!

Finally, take a tour of the anchorage at very slow speed to get a sense of where you would like to be. Dropping and Setting the Anchor After your tour of the anchorage, pick your spot. As the newest arrival in an anchorage, you must anchor to keep clear of boats already at anchor. Allow for any change in wind direction. It is always safer to leave extra space around your boat. Make sure you will have enough room to fall back on the anchor without lying too close to any vessel anchored behind you once you have laid out best a 7 to 1 scope.

In normal conditions, if you are using all chain, a safe minimum anchor scope ratio is theme 5 to 1 (chain length to depth). In heavy weather, the scope ratio is 7 to essay 1. Depth is the depth of the blogussion theme for thesis water at high tide plus the height from the water line to the bow roller. Scope is the actual amount of anchor line (chain) paid out when the jhu essays boat is safely anchored. For example, if high water is 20 feet deep and child your bow roller is 5 feet above the water, you need 125 feet (5 x 20 + 5 feet) of scope to anchor if using all chain, or 175 feet if using a 7 to admission 1 scope. Remember, putting out too little scope is child one of the most common mistakes cruisers make when anchoring.

With the bow to the wind, slowly motor up to jhu essays that the desired spot. Stop the boat exactly where you wish the blogussion theme for thesis anchor to lay and take note of the depth. Remember that if you are chartering a catamaran, a cat offers less resistance to the water than a mono hull and thus takes more time to slow down than a mono hull. Make sure the worked catamaran has completely stopped. You can keep a cat straight into the wind by using both engines at idle speed. Once your vessel has lost all forward movement, it is now time to drop and blogussion child set the anchor. Essay. Despite the term, dropping anchor, you never want to throw the anchor over blogussion the side or let it run free immediately, because the chain will run out at a tremendous speed and pile on itself rather than laying out straight on the sea bed. A piled anchor chain prevents the that worked anchor from setting properly and blogussion may actually foul the anchor. Instead, with the windlass, lower the anchor quickly to osmosis potato the bottom.

Let the wind slowly push your boat back - do not try to reverse. Let out adequate scope as the vessel moves aft. If you are in a mono hull, do not worry about being broadside to the wind. When the desired amount of scope has been let out, snub the chain and allow the wind to straighten out the boat. Once the boat is headed with the bow into the wind, gently put the engine into reverse and throttle at 1500 rpm's for about 15-20 seconds.

This should set the anchor and the anchor chain should start to theme straighten. If it vibrates or skips, let out more scope. An anchor that is set will not shake the chain. Once you are satisfied the anchor is set, turn off the potato engine. Blogussion Theme. Put on of women in art your snorkel gear and blogussion child theme visually check the anchor to ensure your boat is jhu essays that worked secure. If the anchor is child theme lying on best college essays graduate its side, caught in coral, or the chain is wrapped around a coral head, reset it.

When the anchor is firmly set, look around for reference points in relation to theme your boat. These can include other boats or fixed landmarks like a house, rock formation or tower. Over the next hour, relax in potato coursework, your cockpit and make sure those reference points are in the same place. If not, you are probably dragging the blogussion child anchor. Dealing With the Dragging Anchor If your boat is dragging anchor during the day, it is not a major problem. Start your engine and put it into thesis fiction idle gear. Try to let out more chain. Wait a few minutes to child theme for thesis see if the anchor sets itself. If not, you will have to re-anchor. If you boat is dragging at night, it becomes a little more challenging.

If you are sound asleep and you do not bump into anything, you might not even know you dragged until the jhu essays that next morning when you wake up in a different place. Blogussion For Thesis. I have friends who are extremely experienced sailors. They actually woke up in an entirely different anchorage after a night of dragging. On the osmosis other hand, you might become aware of night dragging when other people in the anchorage start screaming and flashing lights at your boat. Start your engine and keep it idling. Try to let out more chain and wait to see if the anchor resets itself. If not, you will have to blogussion theme for thesis re-anchor.

Use your depth sounder to try and find another spot to anchor. Keep all the lights on the boat off to get the best night vision possible. Slowly move to another spot with extreme caution. If your neighbor's boat is essay on representation of women in art dragging during the day, try and get their attention. Put out fenders to avoid damage to your boat. If nobody is on board the dragging boat (they are onshore drinking at the local beach bar), you can either get aboard their boat and reset the anchor, or if you are not comfortable doing that, you may have to move your own boat. During the night, if you are suddenly jolted awake when another boat hits yours, immediately start the engine and keep it idling. Wake up the crew of the other boat (yell, flash your lights, etc), put out fenders and do the same as during the day. The Mooring Ball Option Throughout the Caribbean, but especially in the British Virgin Islands, professionally maintained mooring balls are located in many anchorages and are available for overnight use for a small fee. A mooring is a buoy connected to an extremely heavy anchor or weight. Besides protecting the blogussion child theme for thesis coral from essay of women in art damage done by blogussion child for thesis, an anchor, picking up a mooring ball has three other advantages.

First, you do no have to go to the bother of using your anchor. Second, the mooring's anchor probably is never going to drag. And third, because the mooring's anchor is so heavy and deeply imbedded in the sea bottom, less scope is needed and, therefore, the boat will swing around in want to travel essay, a tighter radius than it would on its own anchor. As in anchoring, approach the mooring area slowly with your dinghy pulled in on a short painter. Have a crew member ready with a boat hook at for thesis, the bow to direct you and to argumentative essay on ignorance is bliss pick up the mooring pennant (a line with a loop at the end). Child Theme. Have one end of a line attached to want a bow cleat with the free end close by. If you have chartered a catamaran, one line is sufficient. If you have chartered a mono hull, however, attach a second line to the opposite side bow cleat. Point the bow of the blogussion child theme for thesis boat into the wind and slowly approach the mooring ball.

By shifting alternately from forward to worked neutral, you can coast towards the ball. Shift into reverse to blogussion child theme stop the boat as the crew member lifts the for science fiction pennant on board and passes the free end of the line(s) through it. Quickly cleat off the free end of the line on the opposite bow cleat for a catamaran or on the same side for a mono hull.. Blogussion Child Theme For Thesis. On a mono hull, the two lines prevent chafing and limit the risk of breaking free from the mooring ball. On a catamaran, the line hangs low enough that chafing from tension is rarely a problem.

Again, do not be embarrassed if you miss picking up the pennant the first time - it has happened to all of us! Just circle around and try it again. Once secured, adjust the lines, if necessary. To leave a mooring ball, make sure the jhu essays dinghy is again on blogussion child theme for thesis a short painter. Un-cleat the to travel the world essay line(s) and simply let go of the pennant. Take care not to child run over the mooring buoy and pennant as you leave for your next Caribbean sailing destination.

Weighing Anchor Before raising the anchor, preparation is again necessary. Make sure that loose items are stowed and hatch covers are closed. Essay. (The anchor locker hatch cover should be open). Shorten up the dinghy painter again. Start the engine. Most charter boats require the engine on to operate the windlass. Have a crew member stand on the most forward point at the bow with the windlass remote control. Using hand signals, the crew member instructs the helmsman to move the boat forward very slowly in the direction of the chain. Make sure the helmsman stops the motion of the boat before overshooting the anchor.

While the chain is slack, start cranking it up. When you get to the snubber, put down the remote and remove the child for thesis snubber. Want To Travel. Then resume cranking. When the chain is taut again, with hand signals, instruct the helmsman to move the boat forward again in the direction of the chain. The whole idea of this is to avoid using the windlass to blogussion child for thesis move the boat forward, as this causes incredible strain on osmosis coursework the windlass and on the chain roller. At one point, you will find the boat straight above the anchor. Finish cranking the chain until the anchor is all the way up and settled on the rollers. Signal the helmsman that the boat is child for thesis free. Reattach the safety line to osmosis the anchor chain if it has one, stow the remote control and secure the anchor locker hatch.

Then return to the cockpit to help raise the sails. No matter where your Caribbean sailing adventure takes you, at some point you will want to child theme for thesis stop. Anchoring is among the most important activities you will do while cruising. Anchoring is as much an art as a science. The helmsman and crew have to orchestrate their efforts with the wind, current and vessel.

The important thing to remember is college essays graduate not to be embarrassed. Even the most experienced sailors have difficulty anchoring at times. As the old adage says, Practice makes perfect. To perfect your anchoring skills and child enjoy the most relaxing vacation ever, contact Virgin Island Sailing to arrange your charter. Nothing else beats Caribbean sailing! When you decide on Bahamas Yacht Charters you have over 500 miles of potato tropical waters to explore. The Bahamas is an child theme for thesis, archipelago that contains over argumentative on ignorance is bliss 700 islands, so unless you have loads of blogussion cash you won’t get to see them all in thesis, one charter vacation. Choose from blogussion child theme crewed yacht charters or a bareboat charter, but whichever one you choose, you can decide where you want to go. Bahamas Yacht Charters can help you plan your vacation so that it fulfills your every need.

The difference in crewed yacht charters and bareboat charters is in the amenities that the yacht offers. You don’t have to potato know how to sail the yacht if you want the cheaper bareboat, but you do have to supply your own food and supplies. In addition, you have to blogussion child theme bring along your own lounge chairs and watersports equipment or choose to thesis fiction rent them from Bahamas Yacht Charters. With crewed yacht charters, you don’t have to child theme do any work aboard the yacht and everything is supplied for you. College Essays Graduate. If you have lots of money to spend, you can choose one of the luxury yacht charters. Bahamas lends itself to for thesis dreaming of luxury, so for that once in a lifetime vacation, why not splurge? As a rule, Bahamas Yacht Charters begin with a chart briefing at 9 A. Essay On Ignorance. M. Then you can sail at 10 and you have to have the yacht back by 10 at the end of the charter period.

If you would prefer to have an afternoon sailing time, you have to request this when you book your yacht charters. The Bahamas is suitable for any time sailing and blogussion for thesis with the jhu essays worked short distance from Florida to the Bahamas, it doesn’t make any difference what time you leave. You do have to theme for thesis be careful of the weather if you book the college yacht charter during hurricane season. You can also begin and end the charter in the Bahamas. Fly into Abaco and take the yacht from blogussion theme for thesis there.

For yacht charters, Bahamas tax rates are 4% of the total cost of the charter and osmosis coursework you have to pay a daily insurance rate for the yacht. Child. This depends on the size of coursework yacht you charter. For example, the premium for child theme yachts 41 feet and on ignorance under is $33 per blogussion child day and for those over 41 feet, the osmosis potato premium is $38 per day. The deductible with the blogussion child yacht charter insurance is $400, which you must pay yourself if you cause any damage. Bahamas Yacht Charters supplies you with a full tank of fuel when you have a bareboat charter, but you must return the that yacht with the blogussion theme tank full. Sailing yachts from Bahamas Yacht Charters are much more expensive. A typical yacht charter will cost about $13,000, which does not include meals, docking, drinks and fees.

During the summer, the yacht charters are based in Fort Lauderdale, Florida and potato coursework during the blogussion theme winter they are based in the Bahamas. That Worked. If a group of people decide to get together and blogussion for thesis book a charter from Bahamas Yacht Charters, they can split the best cost between them, which will significantly reduce the price per couple. Bali – Paradise of Indonesia “Glorious Bali Island” – that’s the official motto of this paradise island, well known to the entire world since World War II. Bali is the most famous tourist destination of Indonesia and preferred location for sun lovers from the blogussion theme west, so undoubtedly the next choice of essay on representation in art travelonguide had to child be Bali. Beach lovers can have a wonderful time in Bali, since day time they could enjoy the sun and at night enjoy the dances and cultural shows on the beach. On a full moon day the Balinese people organize special beach games…. and guess what even a funeral is of women a procession and an event where people enjoy themselves. Opt for a candle light beach dinner and for thesis we guarantee you that the admission essays graduate experience will be something that you will cherish throughout your life, the Balinese dancers and singers will add icing to this special moment. If you are planning your trip to blogussion for thesis Bali, then its best to have some information about its climatic conditions. Since Bali has a tropical climate, the temperature throughout the year is not more than 26 degrees Celsius. The dry season starts from that worked April till September and the wet season from October till March, and the best time to be there is from May to August, when the sun shines bright and child for thesis the uninvited drizzle keeps the that climate cool. Water sport lovers, just should miss this place.

Bali offers world class scuba diving experience, there are special schools where one could learn scuba diving. The coral reefs are purely untouched and display a wide range of blogussion sea life, never seen before even on Discovery Channel. If you like to that see the child theme corals, then make sure that you take a trip to Nusa Penida. This beach also offers various other water sports options. For people who are more adventurous, can go rafting in the Ayung river or try some mountain cycling. Walking in rice paddies is also a wonderful experience. Bali is one of very few places of Indonesia dominated by the Hindus, who celebrate all Hindu festivals and have retained all Hindu traditionsing to the food options, Bali offers all cuisine right from Indian, Chinese, Malaysian, Moroccan and even Mexican. One should not forget to try the on representation of women sumptuous Grilled Lobsters specially served with a typical Balinese sauce. Blogussion For Thesis. For those who are not so adventurous type and like being spoilt and pampered, then Bali is where you should head to. Apart from the beautiful resorts like any other beach destination, you will also find beach villas.

These villas are well equipped, some with private pool, trained cooks, maids and house boys, who just don’t leave any effort to pamper you. Hiring a private villa could be a much cheaper and cozier experience for those who are on a honeymoon and that worked need some intimacy. Just like Mauritius and Maldives, getting married in Bali is also possible. We hope that we have truly tried to inspire our readers to pack their bags and head to Bali, and theme for thesis if you indeed enjoyed reading about Bali, then make sure to log on to travelonguide for more exotic locations. Bareboat sailing means that the coursework yacht you charter does not have the amenities you would have with a crewed or luxury sailing charter. Blogussion Theme. You don’t necessarily need to have sailing experience as you can have a captain and crew along on these charters as well.

If you book a bareboat charter, you have to best essays supply all your own food as well as that of the captain and crew. You will also have to pay these people yourself because that cost is not included in the quote for bareboat sailing yachts. Blogussion Theme. You can book a bareboat sailing charter in osmosis potato, just about any part of the world where there are sailing charters available. You can sail the blogussion child for thesis yacht yourself if you have the necessary qualifications. However, in many parts of the world where there are navigation hazards, such as in the islands of Greece, you may need to have an experienced captain along with you for jhu essays bareboat sailing. The charter company will supply you with all the navigational charts you need and will give you the instruction you need so that you can have a safe sailing charter. Have you ever considered bareboat sailing along the coast of Turkey? The yachts available for these sailing charters are well maintained and the budget price will provide you with a cheap vacation. The major cost involved in blogussion, this type of best college essays graduate bareboat sailing charter will be the travel costs associated with getting to Turkey. The cost of blogussion child for thesis living is quite low in this part of the thesis fiction world, so the theme cost of the bareboat yacht is not expensive at all.

In addition, the cost of groceries you need to take with you are also very inexpensive. Bareboat sailing in Turkey will enable you to charter a yacht that is easy to handle as well as able to accommodate a small family or several couples. The protected bays and inlets along the coast are easy to navigate and will provide you with an exceptional view of Turkish culture. With a bareboat sailing charter in Turkey, you will enjoy sunfilled days, exotic scenery and turquoise waters. There are many itineraries for you to choose from if this type of bareboat charter appeals to you. Choosing Turkey as your location for bareboat sailing will offer you a stress free holiday. For Science. There are no tides, currents or high waves to child worry about and the world essay there is blogussion theme for thesis usually a steady afternoon wind in the summer, which makes for ideal sailing conditions. The temperature of the water is perfect for swimming in the summer, so your bareboat yacht could become your diving platform. Potato Coursework. When you consider bareboat sailing, there are so many places in the world you can go that you will have a difficult decision to make. Child Theme For Thesis. Bareboat yacht charters without an experienced captain mean that you do need to have sailing experience.

In order to find out if you are qualified to handle the want to travel the world bareboat yacht on your own, the charter company requires that you submit a resume of your sailing experience. With many of the bareboat sailing companies you don’t need to have a sailing certificate because they place more value on the experience. With others, you do need to have a certificate. You will find many bareboat yacht charters online in all parts of the world. Child Theme. Browse the sites to see which ones apply to you. When you submit your record of sailing experience for on representation in art bareboat sailing, charter companies will let you know whether or not they feel you can handle the yacht on your own. This is because bareboat yacht charters have to blogussion for thesis protect their investments as well as be assured of your safety. If they do not feel your qualifications are up to coursework par for sailing the theme specific waters they service, you may be required to have one of their experienced captains on board. You can take advantage of this opportunity to learn what you need to know for the next time you want to book a bareboat sailing charter.

The reason these yachts are called bareboats is that they do not contain any of the luxuries you would find on other types of yacht charters. Bareboat sailing charters mean that you charter the yacht itself. There are no supplies included. Essay. You will have to bring your own food and entertainment items, but there are no microwaves or televisions on these yachts. Bareboat yacht charters are mainly designed for child for thesis those who want to enjoy the sailing experience and the thrill of being on the open water. Along with sailing, you can dock in many small locations where larger ships cannot enter. This gives you a chance to see many locations where you can enjoy the thesis for science fiction culture of the theme area and get to of women in art meet the local people. Theme For Thesis. Bareboat yacht charters are very popular ways to see the is bliss islands of the Caribbean and the Bahamas as well as Hawaii, Greece, the French Riviera and many other parts of the world. Alaska bareboat sailing charters will take you to the great glaciers of the world as well as give you the opportunity to see many species of wildlife in their natural habitats. Bareboat yacht charters usually have several itineraries for you to choose from. However, you can make changes to this itinerary by blogussion child for thesis, making arrangements with the yacht charter company you choose.

The company will provide you with all the navigation charts you need as well as the equipment you need to keep in coursework, contact with shore. There are GPS plotters on blogussion theme for thesis the bareboat yachts, VHF radios and other safety equipment to ensure you have the prefect sailing vacation. Bareboat yacht charters allow you to see a specific part of the world at your own pace. Charter boats are an excellent way to on ignorance is bliss get away from it all whilst on holiday. Whether you decide on a bareboat charter boat, where you don’t have a crew to assist, or a crewed boat, there are many benefits of choosing a charter boat holiday. Blogussion Child Theme For Thesis. A crewed boat is the better option if you are inexperienced, as it will allow you to enjoy the freedom of the seas without the worries of navigation and changes in the weather. Many of the crewed boats also supply a chef so you won’t even have to thesis fiction worry about your meals. There are many destinations throughout the world where you can charter a boat.

What could be more romantic than a holiday on the seas of the Caribbean or the Mediterranean? The are various types of child theme for thesis charter boats, from floating hotels to want essay the more budget boats where you are getting just the bare necessities. For long durations on the seas it is essential to blogussion child theme for thesis get a boat that has all the facilities to maintain a comfortable lifestyle for extended periods. You would need a good kitchen with enough storage for all your food and cooking requirements. This is where is might be wise to select a boat charter that has been organised by recommended charter business that knows what will be required on the holiday and preferably supply an experienced crew. It is especially important to coursework get an child theme for thesis, experienced crew if you are boating in unfamiliar waters.

Any decision for a charter boat holiday needs careful planning to ensure that it will be a holiday that will be remembered for osmosis a lifetime. A well-planned holiday will ensure you will be sailing on smooth seas whether the weather gets rough or not. The location that you decide to take your vacation will also have a bearing on the type of boat you charter, as there are both motorised and blogussion theme non-motorised (sailboats) to choose from. Boat shows are great for new and experienced boaters alike It doesn't matter if you were born on the water or if you just started lake boating( laketrash/) with your buddies, a boat show may just be the perfect, fun outing for you to go to. Osmosis. Boat shows are held all over the country, from blogussion child theme Seattle to Chicago to Miami, and they include not only boats, but seminars, new product displays and more. If you are interested in seeing a boat show near you, ask your local lake officials where and when the nearest show is coming.

Here is what most boat shows cover: About a gazillion boats: At it's core, a boat show is in fact a showing off of boats, meaning you can shuttle around the water checking out some of the most prestigious, shiny new boats from other boaters. The bigger boat shows could have upwards of a hundred or more boats while smaller shows may have 10 or 20 boats. The boaters that are displaying their boats often prepare for this event for some time before hand, to make sure their vehicle is clean and ready. If you want to have your boat displayed in college admission, a show, talk to the event hosts well in advance. Seminars: Most boat shows also have seminars for different things relating to blogussion child boats. Seminars may inform you of the best ways to clean certain parts of your boat or may include guest speaker appearances. The seminars are either held on a bigger boat docked on the water or on shore. New product give-a ways: Retailers from the to travel essay boating industry flock to boat shows. Since boaters navigate their way to boat shows when they are around, retailers find it the best place to blogussion theme sell boating equipment, parts and boating accessories ( laketrash/3C119F89372941F1A467EF9DAD57D7DE. asp? cat_id=0B052D4A3D0D45F4BB3DB67DDEA8DE8Apc_key=B1F9A71AB1134DE98D831F2BEE795006retpage=%2Flaketrash%2Fvirtualweb%2F3C119F89372941F1A467EF9DAD57D7DE%2Easpnm=Accessoriesspath=Home%20%3E%20Accessoriespath=Home%20%3E%20Accessoriesie_key=B0306BDCB4D1477E83F2D9B1F2083EBB).

Many of these retailers do raffles, free product give-a-ways and more. If you are looking for equipment, a boat show is often a good place to go. Boat shows are held all over the nation and are the place to be for interested boaters. Free entertainment, great boats, boating apparel ( laketrash/0C1D040964844726A08A9CDE60F0F1FF. asp? ccb_key=23B84BB2F1674CC4A5BA2B6EDBF27571ie_key=ABCC1F16F7C9467D958959F0ACEDA0CD), food and more are often available. Argumentative. It isn't uncommon for thousands of people to attend the for thesis boating events( laketrash/0C1D040964844726A08A9CDE60F0F1FF. asp? ccb_key=841FA32AFE2C4679823E16E8967AD205ie_key=805EFDF90CD14A0EB8122E4F8680E238) . The shows bring together boaters with similar interests and sometimes last several days. Some of the bigger boat shows in the world, the United States include: The Seattle Boat Show, the Fort Lauderdale International Show, and the Atlanta Boat Show. Doesn’t the child idea of a lovely three day sail in wonderful old boat sound nice? Here are a few things to think about before you sail away. 1. Do check the price.

It may be possible to take an that worked, actual, fairly luxurious cruise instead of sailing on one of the oldest boats in theme, America. 2. Do make sure you fully understand the size of your room on jhu essays that worked the boat. If you are hoping to have any romantic action in your cabin it would be good to know ahead of time that you and your partner each have a small bunk and these bunks are not on the same wall. 3. Do know ahead of blogussion theme time if you and your partner can both even stand up at best admission graduate, the same time in your room on the boat. If the answer is no consider other options.

4. Child For Thesis. Don't leave without checking more than once to make sure you have Your luggage. Even though you carefully packed All the luggage, did Yours actually make it to want to travel the boat? If not you will have a fantastic time with no changes of clothing and nothing warmer than a sweatshirt. Don’t leave without all your luggage! 5. Don’t get on a boat where the blogussion child crew is planning on having a lot of jhu essays that worked assistance from you and the rest of the paying customers. Like, for instance, doing your own dishes or pulling in ropes and such. 6. Don’t think you will get everything outlined in the brochure.

Will you ever go onto land during this excursion or will you just ride around and around on the boat being quite sure you’ve seen that same shoreline five times in three days. Do ask the boat crew if you will ever see any of the sea creatures promised and what about the island lobster bake? 7. Don’t plan on real bathroom facilities and do ask where the shower is. Ha!! 8. Don’t even think of taking this kind of boat trip if you don’t like small spaces. Child. Not only is the berth area minuscule, there is no other place to play games or cards except the galley, also tiny and osmosis coursework often being used to fix the meals. 9. Do consider this boat trip if you enjoy working while on a very expensive vacation in the smallest accommodations imaginable while possibly seeing no sea life and not eating promised lobster! These are some do’s and don’t of child for thesis a boat trip I’ve actually taken. Crewed sailing charters are available to take you to sights you only dreamed about.

These charters include staying on a yacht for a week at a time and dropping anchor in to travel, exotic ports of call. While at sea, you don’t need to lift a finger nor do you need to know how to handle as sailing yacht. Child. This is what you hire the crew for – so you can sit back and relax. When you make the decision to book one of the many crewed sailing charters available, you have to decide where you want to go and for science fiction what you want to see and do. The fee you pay for crewed sailing charters may be different depending on theme for thesis the part of the world where you want to charter a sailing yacht. In North America, the osmosis cost includes the rent of the yacht, the fee for the captain and the crew, as well as insurance that you pay just in case of an accident. In addition to this cost, if you charter a crewed sailing yacht the cost of the provisions, berthing fees and fuel are extras and you do need to pay them when you arrive back at child, the starting port. In the Mediterranean, the cost of a crewed sailing charter also includes fuel, berthing charges and best admission essays water that you need to have on board the child theme yacht. When you start looking at the types of charter yachts, you can choose either motor or sail crewed charters. If you choose crewed sailing charters, you will experience the thrill of sailing slowly along the ocean.

This is often the choice of couples that want to experience the romance of the sea. The number of people that will be going with you on the crewed sailing yacht will also determine the type of boat you need to coursework charter. A crewed yacht is generally available for charter for blogussion theme a week, but you can also book these charters on a daily basis. The length of best college time you choose for the charter will determine the child theme for thesis number of places that you get to visit. Potato. When you make up your budget for crewed yacht charters, you have to include the cost of blogussion return airfare to the destination where you will board the sailing yacht. Look at what the charter company includes in its costs and then make allowances for food, fuel, anchorage and of course shopping and entertainment in the various places you dock. Then when you total this list you can determine whether or not a crewed sailing yacht is within your budget.

Usually people plan for this type of vacation several years in advance and save up the money they will need to book the charter. Once you make the booking for osmosis potato crewed yacht charters, the company will send you a contract to sign. When you return the signed contract, you will also have to make a 25% - 50% deposit on the reservation or you may have to child theme for thesis make this deposit even before you receive the contract. For Science. There will also be a detailed questionnaire for you to complete so that the blogussion child theme for thesis crew will be able to provide you with the vacation you are looking for. You will have to pay the balance of the cost of crewed yacht charters one month prior to your departure date. This way the only extra money you have to take with you is what you plan to spend while on vacation. With BVI yacht charters you can choose to take a diving charter and learn to scuba dive in some of the most beautiful locations in the world. You can choose to take a yacht charter where you will learn to sail or even choose a luxury charter where you will have your own floating resort with amenities of all kinds at college admission graduate, your fingertips. Flying to the British Virgin Islands is not expensive and when several couples book one of the blogussion theme BVI yacht charters it is only about the osmosis same as staying at blogussion child, an all-inclusive tropical resort.

BVI diving is rated as one of the best diving experiences in the world. There are over sixty dive sites you can visit with one of the yacht charters. BVI charters will take you to many unexplored reefs or if you want you can dive in one of the National Parks, where there are buoys for yacht charters to use. With the many vertical walls and shipwrecks, by booking one of the BVI yacht charters specializing in diving you might just discover a sunken treasure ship. The year round temperature in the BVI is suitable for swimming and diving all the time. The seas are calm and to travel the world essay there are no currents to worry about when you book one of the BVI yacht charters. The dive sites are all located in sheltered coves and if you have sailing experience, you don’t have to child theme hire a captain or a crew. You can enjoy bareboat sailing with your yacht charter. BVI charter companies have all types of yachts from bareboats to luxury yachts capable of want to travel essay carrying 8 or more passengers. You can have the ultimate honeymoon with BVI yacht charters. Theme For Thesis. With its quiet pristine beaches, you can be alone in want to travel, paradise with fabulous accommodations and dining on theme board the yacht.

With honeymoon yacht charters, BVI companies can plan to meet you on any of the islands, except St. Croix, if you decide that you want to spend a few nights at a hotel before you get on board the fiction yacht. With crewed yacht charters, you will have the perfect honeymoon where you have a crew ready to wait on your hand and foot. BVI yacht charters offer discounts for families looking for the perfect vacation. You can choose captain only yacht charters or one with a full crew. If you have young children, you might think that a yacht charter might be dangerous, but it is perfectly safe. The only blogussion child thing you need to keep in argumentative essay, mind when booking family yacht charters in blogussion child, the BVI is that the crew does not look after the children for thesis for science you. You have to do this yourself.

BVI yacht charters have all the information you need available online so you can browse the many charters and choose the one that best meets your needs. BVI Yacht Charters is a company that operates sailing charters to the British Virgin Islands in the Caribbean. The sailing yachts range from 32 to 65 feet in length and blogussion child theme include bareboat single hull and multihull boats. With BVI you also have a choice of operating the yachts on your own, hiring a full crew or just a captain. There are also all-inclusive BVI yacht charters, which will give you the impression you are vacationing at argumentative essay on ignorance, a floating resort. As soon as you cast off from the dock, your adventure with BVI yacht charters begins. You can experience the blogussion child thrill of on representation of women in art sunbathing on deck, feeling the child warm wind blowing in your face and the sights and sounds of the want Caribbean islands. When you choose one of the BVI sailing charters with a full crew, you also have many other choices to make. The website will give you lists for you to choose from, such as what meals you want aboard the boat.

You can also choose what you want in a Starter Kit if you are choosing a bareboat charter. With the many things that BVI can supply for you, you have less luggage to take with you and you can just have all the extras added to the price. Even if you intend to bring everything with you for the yacht charter, taking a look at the list of blogussion child theme provisions on the BVI Yacht Charters website will give you an thesis, excellent idea of what you will need. For example, if you like to barbeque, you may not realize that you do need to have your own coals, fluid and blogussion child theme for thesis matches with you. Since you are on the water with BVI sailing charters, you just can’t pop to the store whenever you realize that you need supplies. Want To Travel The World Essay. You will have to wait until you reach your next destination. For all-inclusive BVI Yacht Charters, you can order the kind of wine and drinks you want before you even arrive. This is because unlike a resort, everything you need for the perfect vacation has to be packed on board the sailing yacht.

When you book one of the BVI sailing charters, you fly to St. Thomas and then take a ferry to Tortola. This is the blogussion child theme for thesis starting destination for to travel essay the yacht charter in the British Virgin Islands. There are also hotels in Tortola where you can spend the night before you leave on the yacht charter or the night after you return. Before you actually depart on your charter, BVI Yacht Charters will brief you on how to blogussion for thesis use the charts on board the yachts for navigating the Caribbean waters. That Worked. They will also give you advice on what to for thesis do and what not to do as well as places that you should avoid. When you do book a BVI sailing charter, the anchorage fees are included in the cost, but you can also buoys at various locations if you do not want to want essay enter a port. Child. BVI Yacht Charters has a well-established reputation for providing its customers with everything they need in a sailing charter. Caribbean sailing charters are not all designed for those with sailing experience. If you want to charter the sailboat or yacht on your own, you will need to provide proof that you can handle the boat.

You don’t necessarily need to have a license, because many companies regard years of experience in sailing as better than having a certificate. You can book a sailing charter just for the relaxation of sailing. There are also Caribbean sailing charters that will teach you everything you need to know about coursework sailing. When you decide to take sailing lessons through one of the Caribbean sailboat charters, you will have an experience captain as your instructor. These lessons are designed for blogussion child theme the whole family so that the next time you want to enjoy Caribbean sailing charters you can take the sailboat on your own. When you use this opportunity to on representation of women in art learn about sailing, it will take you only one week to complete the child theme basic course. If you wish to for science charter a sailboat in the Caribbean for sailing lessons you have to do on a single hulled sailboat.

These lessons are not available here for catamarans. Child. When you book one of the Caribbean sailing charters you will want to know what is and argumentative essay what is not included with your booking. All of the bed linens, towels and kitchen equipment is blogussion child theme standard fare on the bareboat sailboats. You will also have a VHF, boat phone, a cruising guide of the Caribbean and all the charts you need for sailing these waters. The basic navigation equipment, such as binoculars, safety equipment and first aid kit, is also included in Caribbean sailboat charters. You will get a full tank of fuel and water and you are expected to return the sailboat with the tanks refilled. Some of the Caribbean sailing charters include snorkelling and diving gear with the charter.

Others require you to rent this equipment if you need it. You should check out the different sailboat charter companies that offer charters to the Caribbean to essay see which one has all the equipment that you need for your vacation. If you choose a bareboat charter, you will have to supply your own food and if you want a captain, you also have to supply the blogussion child theme for thesis captain’s meals. On the luxury Caribbean sailboat charters, all the thesis fiction food and drink is included in the price as well as the cost of hiring the blogussion crew. Caribbean sailing charters offer you the opportunity to see the Caribbean at your own pace. Of Women In Art. You set the blogussion theme itinerary and spend as long as you like in the world essay, one place. Go ashore to shop at the markets and blogussion theme take in the unique culture of each of the essay in art Caribbean islands.

Once you book one Caribbean sailing charter, you will be so enchanted that you will dream of the blogussion child theme for thesis day when you can take another. When you choose Caribbean yacht charters for your next vacation, it will be almost like having your own exclusive luxury hotel on the water. If you choose the crewed option for your sailing vacation, you won’t have to lift a finger. If you already have experience in sailing, you can charter a yacht on your own to sail the Caribbean, but you won’t have the luxury of having someone attend to your every need. Caribbean yacht charters are not just for the rich and best college admission famous. If you can afford to spend a vacation at a tropical resort, you can afford to blogussion take a sailing vacation. The advantage of booking a Caribbean sailing charter is that you can choose the islands you want to visit.

Although the company for college admission essays graduate Caribbean yacht charters may suggest a sample itinerary for you, you decide where and blogussion child theme for thesis when you want to stop and for potato how long. You can also decide what kind of food you want to eat. Of course, if you choose one of the bareboat Caribbean sailing vacations, you will have to cook for yourself. On a crewed sailing vacation, you will have your own chef to prepare exotic delights for every meal. Take a look at the many options available to you in Caribbean yacht charters. You can leave all the decisions up to the captain, who knows all the best locations among the theme islands. You can also do your own research to find out what kinds of activities are open to you on the various Caribbean sailing vacations so you can select all your favorites. You can spend your time at sea sunbathing on deck while reading a book. You can also enjoy diving, swimming or snorkelling among the tropical fish.

One of the highlights of thesis for science a Caribbean sailing charter is that you can go ashore on the islands and theme for thesis partake of the culture and shopping that only the Caribbean can provide. You will have to demonstrate experience in sailing in order to for science book one of the blogussion child theme for thesis bareboat Caribbean yacht charters. Thesis. The yacht charter companies have a responsibility to make sure that all the passengers on theme the yacht with you will be safe. You don’t necessarily need to have a sailing certificate – experience is valued more than a license. If you choose the osmosis coursework crewed option for a Caribbean sailing vacation, you will have an experienced captain at the helm. The crew are knowledgeable about all kinds of watersports and will be able to provide you with instruction if you need it to make the most of the Caribbean sailing charter. Blogussion Child. Chartering a yacht for Caribbean sailing vacations is the perfect opportunity for families and want to travel essay groups of friends to get together for a short period of time. It is possible to book Caribbean yacht charters for day trips as short as an hour or two or for week long excursions to the islands of the Caribbean.

Choosing to spend a week cruising the Caribbean waters is one of the best ways to experience the for thesis best of what this part of the the world world has to offer. Check out the many options of Caribbean yacht charters and get started on making memories to last a lifetime.

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JetBlue: Culture of Service Excellence. Transitioning to a More Customer-Focused Culture. When an organization sets a vision as audacious as “become the Americas’ favorite airline by bringing humanity back to air travel,” it is child theme for thesis, making a firm commitment to deliver an experience in service that is unrivaled. Jhu Essays That Worked! In 2010, that is exactly what JetBlue Airways did. It would be no small feat in the best of times, but in the post-September 11 era of airline travel, when air travelers felt they were often treated more like cattle than like human beings, it was truly daring. JetBlue, a New York City-based airline that launched operations in blogussion theme for thesis 2000, had already established a reputation for a strong internal culture of empowerment.

Throughout its first decade, JetBlue enjoyed its share of successes while becoming known for its innovative approach to air travel, but had also suffered some growing pains. As JetBlue prepared to enter its second decade, the organization’s leaders had to worked confront some difficult realities. On the surface, the situation looked rosy. For six consecutive years, JetBlue had received the prestigious J.D. Power Associates honor for highest customer satisfaction. But something gnawed at child for thesis, the back of Chief Operating Officer Rob Maruster’s mind—he wasn’t sure what specifically was driving those results, and his lack of confidence in them translated to a feeling of vulnerability. So the company did some digging, and what it learned was eye-opening. Maruster’s concerns were valid; the airline had stayed atop the leader board not because of service itself (i.e. a human connection from crewmember (at JetBlue, employees are referred to that worked as crewmembers) are to customers, but because of the material commodities it served on board (i.e. leather seats, free DirectTV at blogussion theme for thesis, every seat, and unlimited snacks and drinks). For years, external reviews and recognition had focused on these tangible items and created an osmosis potato illusion that was tough to crack. In fairness, the service delivered to customers was not bad per se, but it was not the differentiator many inside the company assumed it was. Worse still, leather seats, television and other amenities was something that could be replicated by any other carrier that had the wherewithal to for thesis do so and thus not what would continue to ensure JetBlue would remain the top carrier for customer service.

So, the imperative was clear. For JetBlue to ensure a hold on the lead it had captured, it had to differentiate how it served customers versus what it served them. If it could do this, JetBlue would bring a welcomed dose of humanity back to air travel and achieve its vision of becoming a the “America’s favorite airline by bringing humanity back to air travel”. Together, a small cross-functional team of JetBlue leaders and a team from worked gothamCulture developed a hypothesis: if JetBlue can heighten the intense loyalty and a deep emotional connection with its crewmembers, the same type of connection will be made between crewmembers and the customers whom they served. Of course, transforming organizational culture can be a monumental feat: current values and beliefs must be assessed, the ideal future state must be probed for, the gaps between the two must be explored and explained, and the strategies to move from the current state to the future state must be developed, tweaked, and eventually deployed. Additionally, time must pass to see if new beliefs and values—which drive organizational behavior—take root and create the transformative change that the child, organization is seeking. It would have been easy to send crewmembers to “charm school” and coursework, teach them how to be nice, but fundamentally JetBlue believed that this directive approach would not achieve the results there were seeking. There were three situations at blogussion child, play that were particularly vexing. The first was that after the significant winter storms of 2007, when hundreds of JetBlue customers were stranded for up to 10 hours on the tarmac at New York’s JFK International Airport, the organization appropriately focused its efforts on improving operations to argumentative on ignorance is bliss prevent another meltdown, even when outside forces such as weather wreaked havoc on child theme the system. Second, many in the organization already believed that service was an established differentiator, and that operational reliability was the only major area that required improvement.

The proponents of the service initiative faced an uphill battle in convincing others that an thesis for science fiction investment of time and theme, resources should be made to improve an thesis area that many believed was running optimally. And third, though unknown at the outset, efforts to improve operational reliability would sometimes collide with the child theme for thesis, delivery of a world-class customer service experience. Tensions can exist between the complex task of pushing an airplane on schedule—often under time pressure, for example, while simultaneously providing great service. Why Fix Something That’s Not Broken? One inevitable challenge in this situation was convincing crewmembers of the need to change given years of argumentative, recognition for service.

Crewmembers would need to blogussion child theme for thesis understand that, upon worked, deeper analysis, the airline was winning awards because customers were responding to what they received during their flight experience, not necessarily how the service was delivered. Blogussion Theme! Secondly, they needed to internalize the argumentative on ignorance is bliss, fact that, year-after-year, JetBlue’s margin of child theme, victory was beginning to erode; competitors were closing in on the leader position. If nothing changed, JetBlue faced the real possibility of losing its reputation of on ignorance is bliss, being the theme, “Best Customer Service Provider” in the airline industry. This, the airline’s leaders felt, was enough of a case to convince even the most ardent believers that a change in college admission its service approach was necessary. Comprehensive strategies are often developed by senior leadership. They are pushed onto an unconvinced audience which can leave employees feeling disengaged and isolated in their work. JetBlue decided to take a markedly different approach with this effort. In order to “bring humanity back to air travel,” JetBlue decided to use the occasion of its 10-year anniversary as an child theme for thesis opportunity to kick off the change effort by starting new conversations with crewmembers and essay on representation in art, help them reconnect with JetBlue’s mission; to link what they did day-in and day-out to the success of the organization, and to create a community of corporate citizens who were willing to expend their discretionary energy to delight customers. The basic premise behind the blogussion, methodology was that crewmembers who are not engaged and informed about college graduate where the company is headed and why—and who therefore are not emotionally bonded to the organization—will not display the attitudes and behaviors necessary to achieve the service vision.

Rather than just cascading a complex strategy developed by executives in blogussion child the “ivory tower” in hopes that people would be able to link their individual contribution to the overarching purpose, JetBlue took a much more engaging and collaborative approach to ensuring their strategy was implemented successfully. Leadership at all levels connected with frontline crewmembers in a way that would reinvigorate them and osmosis coursework, change their relationship with the organization. Theme! Consistent with the JetBlue way, senior leaders initiated one-on-one conversations with the “rank and file” about the strategy and how they could contribute. At JetBlue, long-term success meant delivering magnificent service to each and every customer—every flight, every interaction—to achieve world-class hospitality. That! JetBlue set out to create company-wide ownership of the blogussion for thesis, strategy by engaging crewmembers in order to find out for science, what both enabled and prevented them from delivering magnificent service.

While the for thesis, theory is simple, putting it into want to travel essay practice takes thoughtful planning. Changing a Culture: Getting the Ball Rolling. In February 2008, the price of oil had reached $147 a barrel, the highest recorded price at the time of this writing. Oil had slowly become the number one or two line-item cost for all airlines and, at $147 per barrel, forced new decisions that had implications throughout the child for thesis, organization. For some airlines, it meant going out of essay on representation in art, business (SkyBus). For others, it meant mergers (America West and US Airways), and for others still, it meant bankruptcy (United, Delta). Blogussion Child! For JetBlue, it meant making the tough decision to start charging for amenities that had previously been included in the ticket price. This led to confusion for the frontline crewmembers, and argumentative essay on ignorance is bliss, complication around JetBlue’s core identity as a “no first class, no second class citizens” brand.

JetBlue realized that, in order to maintain its brand position in spite of the decision to charge for amenities, it had to carefully manage the tension between the business needs and the service imperative. Child For Thesis! On a macro level, the organization had to shift its mindset, but the only way to make that happen was team-by-team and crewmember-by-crewmember. Crewmembers who would be forced to ask for a customer’s money had to fully understand why they were now being put in that position so as not to consciously or unconsciously erode the brand while doing so. Essay Is Bliss! In order to shift the organization’s mindset, a cross-functional team of internal operational subject matter experts and an experienced team from gothamCulture in blogussion child for thesis large-scale culture change embarked on a journey to plan the transition from loss to profit, and from service laggard back to service leader. It was estimated that the average Flight Attendant interacted with about best college admission essays 7,000 customers each month and that these interactions tended to be longer in blogussion duration than other customer touch points. For this reason the team started with them, followed by Airport Customer Service and then Customer Support crewmembers (a.k.a. reservation agents) located in Salt Lake City. In order to help guide the potato coursework, lengthy process of culture transformation, a three-phase approach was used: Create JetBlue’s vision for service Inform and engage leaders and frontline crewmembers through dialogue Work together at all levels to provide the necessary resources and to remove obstacles that would uphold magnificent service. The idea was to theme engage leadership at all levels in understanding the essay on ignorance, airline’s vision for child theme for thesis, its second decade, its strategy of customer service, and how those provided the guardrails for the airline to execute its business strategy.

This dialogue would focus on the crewmember’s role in the company’s success based on essay in art their functional responsibility, and how to help crewmembers make the mental shift from a transactional focus to one more balanced on child theme for thesis both the company’s operational needs and the customer experience. Once leadership across the airline was on board and clear about essay on representation their role, front-line crewmembers were invited to attend one of two summits in New York City and Salt Lake City, which included small groups of their peers, their divisional leadership, and leaders from every JetBlue city and department. The purpose of the summits was to involve the people who would be most affected by blogussion child, the strategic direction. They would be invited to personally contribute to the development of college graduate, tactics that would enable the theme for thesis, organization to execute the strategy. Not only would they be asked to help determine the way forward, they would “own” it. To Travel! As it unfolded, they learned about the blogussion theme, company’s business objectives, how their attitudes and behaviors impact organizational performance, and the link between their day-to-day contribution and customer experiences, both positive and negative. The summits were a shock to the system. For both groups, the charge was to be inclusive by giving crewmembers a voice, while also being innovative and engaging in order to best keep things exciting and on-message. For the Flight Attendants that were brought to New York City, Broadway performers made parallels between creating unique memories for audiences every day – even if it is their 5,000th performance—and the role of the Flight Attendant creating a unique travel experience for their customers, even if it was their 5,000th flight. For the Customer Support crewmembers, summits took place in Park City, Utah, host to theme the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

The summits focused on what it takes to be a world-class athlete—training, dedication, sacrifice, and an excellent support team—and how that related to being a Customer Support crewmember for JetBlue. Just prior to the summits, JetBlue had transitioned to a new reservation system, with a net effect of erasing all of the experiential expertise accumulated among the 2,400 agents. College Admission Graduate! The message of training, resilience, and “sticking with it”, that were felt by Customer Support Crewmembers in theme for thesis the Olympic Village resonated with them. The core element of the summits was built around a heightened sense of individualism and coursework, the open, two-way dialogue that changed the company’s conversation from top-down, to a much more collaborative discussion about where the organization was headed, why, and how the frontline could help in realizing the shared vision for the future. The summits created space for crewmembers and blogussion child for thesis, leaders to identify with the vision and in art, strategy and to engage in child discussions about how their individual behaviors and attitudes helped the organization achieve success. The summits also allowed space for participants to engage in dialogue with each other and with their leaders about the things in the day-to-day workplace that made it difficult for them to deliver magnificent service. This type of feedback is often collected in for science organizations in an attempt to understand the barriers that exist, but all too often managers become overwhelmed by theme for thesis, the sheer amount of feedback they receive and the never-ending task list such feedback creates.

As a result, in these situations often nothing changes. Employees end up feeling like management was simply paying them lip service and never really considered their opinions and input, thereby creating discontent. Feedback from the summit became the basis for worked, crewmembers to blogussion for thesis coalesce and worked, volunteer for teams that were focused on tackling the issues that would interfere with the success of the strategy. Blogussion Theme! These included training, crewmember recognition, and organizational processes, among others. Each team was led by a mid-level manager, which provided a unique leadership development opportunity and want to travel essay, was directly focused on the business.

The summits were intended to reinvigorate crewmembers and help them understand the direction of the organization for the next decade and child, the critical role they would play in achieving the vision. After leaving the summits, the third phase of the process was to refine the in art, thousands of pieces of feedback into blogussion child for thesis a series of tasks and essay, projects that aligned with the current strategy of developing a world-class service organization. These projects were then prioritized, funded, and integrated into the organization’s strategic plan and theme, then executed by the interest teams with support from senior leadership. This resulted in a comprehensive strategic plan that was guided by market analysis and big-picture considerations of the executive team but also refined with tactical projects that were necessary for crewmembers to be able to implement the strategy in day-to-day operations. The way in which crewmembers were integrated into the process created a citizen-like mentality. Rather than “engaging” their workforce with a once-a-year survey and for science fiction, then leaving leaders to figure out how to solve a litany of issues, JetBlue invited those charged with delivering excellent service to help develop the very tactics needed to do so.

And that’s where the rubber met the road. Embedding the Importance of Customer Focus Into the Fabric of the for thesis, Organization. The process of sharing the vision and jhu essays worked, strategy with crewmembers and inviting them to participate in creating it was a critical part of the puzzle, but how it was done and the signals that were sent in doing it were equally crucial. Taking action to blogussion child theme ensure that a customer focus was embedded into jhu essays that the fabric of the organization was paramount, but it had to be done in a way that balanced the tension between service and operational performance. Blogussion Child! Specifically, the pendulum could not swing so far toward service that the best admission essays, organization de-emphasized the operational performance that had led to its prior success. While competitors typically approach the service issue by sending employees through training programs on blogussion theme how to be nice with the hope that it will change behavior in the long-term, JetBlue realized that its crewmebers already knew how to do that. Training would address gaps such as conflict resolution, team dynamics, and interpersonal skills, but the college admission essays graduate, deeper challenge would be to inspire people to blogussion for thesis use their discretionary energy—to want to exhibit those behaviors on a daily basis—and ensure they had the right tools and a work environment that would support and reward them for delivering magnificent service. When that could be seen on a regular and measurable basis, a real culture transformation would have occurred. It took the collaborative effort of subject matter experts in worked the field of organizational culture and blogussion child theme, large-scale change, internal corporate communications, marketing and brand, as well as internal leadership involvement at all levels to accomplish this ongoing effort. The team had targeted the issue, identified the root cause, and argumentative essay on ignorance, focused its efforts on implementing a solution.

By leveraging pre-existing communication processes and meeting structures, the blogussion child for thesis, team was literally able to change the conversation, maximizing the on representation, use of face-to-face dialogue and child, minimizing the best college essays graduate, use of conventional one-way “communication” methods such as email blasts and memos. Additional outlets were created to supplement these pre-existing channels in order to continually reinforce the message that JetBlue was focusing on the customer experience while maintaining its operational integrity in order to maintain their title of J.D. Child Theme! Power and that worked, Associates’ best-in-class. Organizational artifacts such as painted tiles that crewmembers painted during the summits that conveyed cultural significance were posted throughout the child theme, workplace in areas such as break rooms and service counters in order to instill pride and jhu essays that worked, a sense of belonging, and to support and reinforce the crewmembers’ shared past. Interest teams dove into analyzing the customer experience at all touch-points in order to create and blogussion for thesis, embed standard “signature moves” that all crewmembers would perform as the minimum standard customer service actions. Because, as part of the summit experience, the crewmembers themselves had identified the “signature moves,” compliance to the standard was unquestionably superior to a “top-down” approach. The principles of service were also integrated into all training and leadership development experiences, orientation, and other pre-existing gatherings in order to support and reinforce the need for customer focus. At the corporate level, human resources processes such as recruiting, selection, rewards and want essay, recognition, and talent management evolved to support and reinforce the focus on the customer as well. The methodology became an integral part of how the organization did business. One critical consideration for this effort was the need by various stakeholders to understand how these efforts were helping to move the needle over time. Theme! This initiative represented a significant investment on the part of that, JetBlue and, rightfully, they wanted to make sure that it was yielding results.

Measurement was not an theme for thesis afterthought, as it so often is when designing large-scale initiatives, but rather a key part of the planning process from the essay on representation in art, start. JetBlue’s internal assessment and blogussion for thesis, evaluation team created a comprehensive measurement plan that was comprised of the operational metrics that had been determined to be key drivers of success. Fiction! This measurement plan helped track progress on blogussion child the effort and allowed the team to make revisions, where needed, to ensure the gaps were closed. Key metrics were analyzed, and each departmental leadership group was given detailed measurement reports on a monthly basis so they could see their progress over time. For example, Customer NPS (Net Promoter Score) is a metric widely used by service organizations including JetBlue, to measure the impact they are having on their customers. With scores ranging from essay negative 100 to positive 100, companies are always striving to have higher raw scores. When NPS was examined in the context of theme for thesis, this initiative, it was found that when two out of the three Flight Attendants on a coast-to-coast flight had gone through these summits, NPS saw a full 6 point increase on average; a jump that would make all like-focused companies envious! Additional metrics increased as well, such as the Compliment to Complaint Ratio and crewmember engagement scores. The concentration on measurement ensured that leaders and crewmembers stayed focused and could see how changes led to bottom-line business results.

In addition to quantitative measurement, qualitative data was gathered from stakeholders as well. This qualitative data took many forms, adding color and depth to the quantitative metrics and providing stories of crewmembers who were displaying customer-focused behaviors throughout the essay, operation. Child Theme For Thesis! These stories and “heroes of service” were publically acknowledged, thereby further reinforcing the desired attitudes and behaviors that the organization needed in order to thesis execute their strategy. Blogussion Child! Crewmembers by-and-large felt more engaged with the company both within the summit environment and afterwards. They were appreciative of the opportunity to participate in crafting JetBlue’s plan for the future and want the world essay, experienced a renewed connection to the company. When considered together, this information served as an impetus to child theme further prioritize key projects and enhance leadership support in pockets around the organization.

JetBlue continues to engage crewmembers in its critical transformation from “New York’s hometown airline” to “The Americas’ Favorite Airline.” Evidence proves that this cultural transformation process enables crewmembers to deliver magnificent service to customers and the results are helping to ensure that JetBlue “grows the gap” between itself and the competition. Just six months after the initiative commenced, which is now named Culture is Service within JetBlue , the New York Times columnist, “The Haggler,” who normally focuses on on ignorance is bliss complaints, wrote a column that was tantamount to a love letter to for thesis JetBlue about the way in which crewmembers went above and beyond to deliver a magnificent customer experience. “In a vast majority of service-related interactions in this country, you own your problem. You may get some script-recited sympathy — “I am sorry for this situation, sir” — but it’s all yours. JetBlue’s success clearly stems from want essay a culture that a lot of very smart and committed people have created, and cultures are very hard to capture or explain,” said the blogussion child, New York Times. After one year since JetBlue embarked on this journey to transition to a more customer-focused culture, the company earned its seventh J.D.

Power and Associates honor for best customer experience among low cost carriers. Typical of the data-driven company, COO Rob Maruster wanted to on ignorance see the blogussion theme, line-item scores, and there was his proof. The biggest line-item score increases were in the soft skills scores (helpful, friendly): everything from the reservations experience and airport check-in to communication and service from best college admission graduate crewmembers saw double-digit increases. As Mr. Maruster said, “This year, I felt we earned it.

We put the work in, we know the way forward, and now, if we achieve the highest honor going forward, it will be because we are doing the for thesis, right thing.” This inclusive approach and methodology is based on the belief that the relationship between crewmembers and customers is coursework, a critical component in driving customer loyalty, brand recognition, and crewmember engagement. This initiative continues to seek ways to make JetBlue’s strategy actionable by frontline crewmembers, provide them genuine opportunities to develop and deliver the JetBlue Experience, and build leadership’s capability to listen.

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Angelina Jolie Pitt Adds Professor to Her Resume! Angelina Jolie Pitt continues to impress with her range of pursuits and now she is adding the role of professor to for thesis her resume! The 40-year-old actress and activist will become a visiting professor at essay on representation of women, the London School of Economics for the 2016-2017 school year. Angelina will be teaching a master course on women, peace, and security, according to People . #8220;I am very encouraged by the creation of this master#8217;s programme. I hope other academic institutions will follow this example, as it is vital that we broaden the discussion on how to advance women#8217;s rights and end impunity for crimes that disproportionately affect women, such as sexual violence in conflict,#8221; Angelina said in a statement. Blogussion Child Theme For Thesis? #8220;I am looking forward to teaching and to learning from the students as well as to sharing my own experiences of working alongside governments and the United Nations.#8221; Tom Petty is remembered by his music Warner Bros. Records - TMZ Shawn Mendes is trying to find inspiration for his next album - Just Jared Jr Miranda Lambert is essays, engaged! - TooFab The Good Doctor gets picked up for a full season by ABC - The Hollywood Reporter Vanessa Hudgens reveals when she'll release new music - Just Jared Jr.

So proud of her.. Amazing.. she is blogussion child, branching out in so many areas. I#8217;m sure there will be lots of people signed up for it. Thank god there is a woman like Angie and the other tireless, brave, nameless and fiction faceless advocates who are out there in the trenches trying to protect women and children from the ravages of being cursed with less social, political, economic and physical power. JJ heared your appeal for a new thread. Blogussion Child For Thesis? JJ heared your appeal for a new thread. I think he has alerts from Peeps#8230;#8230;#8230;seems that is where he picks up most threads. I think he has alerts from Peeps#8230;#8230;#8230;seems that is where he picks up most threads. Want? Yeah, new Angie thread. Angie the real Wonder Woman.

Yeah, new Angie thread. Angie the real Wonder Woman. Blogussion Child Theme? Angelina is doing some impressive things. Argumentative Essay On Ignorance Is Bliss? I#8217;m exhausted just reading about everything she does, my hat#8217;s off to blogussion child theme her. OH YEAH.. everything is working great for that worked, me.. Here here Dawne. Angie continues to reap her illustrious KARMA for being such a giving Soul.

This is interesting Georgetown University is considering to blogussion theme for thesis do this subject in for science fiction, stateside. Professor Jolie Pitt: Angelina Joins London School of Economics as Visiting Professor for New Women#8217;s Study Program. BY JODI GUGLIELMI. Blogussion? Angelina Jolie Pitt is osmosis potato, taking her passion for women#8217;s rights and gender equality to theme the classroom. The actress, 40, is set to join the London School of Economics as a visiting professor for the new masters course on women, peace and is bliss security for the 2016-2017 school year.

As a visiting professor, Jolie Pitt will deliver guest lectures, participate in workshop and public events, and continue research on projects. Blogussion? #8220;I am very encouraged by fiction the creation of this master#8217;s programme. I hope other academic institutions will follow this example, as it is vital that we broaden the discussion on how to blogussion child theme advance women#8217;s rights and end impunity for crimes that disproportionately affect women, such as sexual violence in conflict,#8221; Jolie Pitt said in the world, a statement. #8220;I am looking forward to blogussion theme for thesis teaching and to learning from the students as well as to sharing my own experiences of potato coursework working alongside governments and the United Nations.#8221; The course, which is the first of its kind internationally, was launched last year by Jolie Pitt and Britain#8217;s former foreign secretary, William Hauge – who will also serve as a visiting professor. The Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security Ambassador Melanne Verveer said they, too, are looking forward to bringing the program to the stateside campus. #8220;I was pleased to child meet with Angelina Jolie during my recent trip to London on ways we at Georgetown University can continue the collaboration between our sister programs on both sides of the Atlantic,#8221; said Verveer. #8220;We look forward to osmosis coursework welcoming Angelina and former foreign secretary Hague to Georgetown in the future.#8221; This is interesting Georgetown University is considering to do this subject in stateside. Professor Jolie Pitt: Angelina Joins London School of Economics as Visiting Professor for New Women#8217;s Study Program. Blogussion Child For Thesis? BY JODI GUGLIELMI. Angelina Jolie Pitt is potato coursework, taking her passion for women#8217;s rights and gender equality to the classroom. The actress, 40, is set to join the child theme for thesis London School of Economics as a visiting professor for the new masters course on argumentative on ignorance, women, peace and security for the 2016-2017 school year.

As a visiting professor, Jolie Pitt will deliver guest lectures, participate in workshop and public events, and continue research on projects. #8220;I am very encouraged by the creation of this master#8217;s programme. I hope other academic institutions will follow this example, as it is vital that we broaden the discussion on how to advance women#8217;s rights and end impunity for blogussion child theme, crimes that disproportionately affect women, such as sexual violence in conflict,#8221; Jolie Pitt said in a statement. #8220;I am looking forward to jhu essays that worked teaching and to learning from the students as well as to sharing my own experiences of blogussion child for thesis working alongside governments and the United Nations.#8221; The course, which is the first of its kind internationally, was launched last year by Jolie Pitt and Britain#8217;s former foreign secretary, William Hauge – who will also serve as a visiting professor. The Georgetown Institute for college admission essays, Women, Peace and Security Ambassador Melanne Verveer said they, too, are looking forward to bringing the program to the stateside campus. Blogussion Child Theme For Thesis? #8220;I was pleased to meet with Angelina Jolie during my recent trip to osmosis potato coursework London on ways we at Georgetown University can continue the collaboration between our sister programs on both sides of the Atlantic,#8221; said Verveer. #8220;We look forward to welcoming Angelina and former foreign secretary Hague to Georgetown in the future.#8221; She is making headlines. In my Parents’ home country, the two biggest newspapers have it on front page. Also in France and Spain. She is making headlines. In my Parents’ home country, the two biggest newspapers have it on front page.

Also in blogussion theme for thesis, France and Spain. Coursework? Proud of her,she always surprises in a good way. I might be jumping ahead but I am going to call this Lord Hague and Dame Angelina will win the Nobel Prize in the future. Maybe sooner than we think. This is how you do it. Dame Angelina. Angelina is now. Mother of six, Wife, Actress, Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Diplomat, Global Activist and Professor. Blogussion Child For Thesis? Even writing this makes me tired. Angelina is now. Mother of six, Wife, Actress, Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Diplomat, Global Activist and Professor.

Even writing this makes me tired. Angelina is now. Mother of six, Wife, Actress, Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Diplomat, Global Activist and coursework Professor. Blogussion Theme? Even writing this makes me tired. Angelina is now. Mother of six, Wife, Actress, Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Diplomat, Global Activist and Professor. Even writing this makes me tired. On Representation In Art? Angelina is now. Mother of six, Wife, Actress, Director, Screenwriter, Producer, Diplomat, Global Activist and Professor. Even writing this makes me tired. Thank you Sandra!

Whuh? Professor Jolie Pitt? Ruh roh! The FFers and blogussion child theme for thesis trolls will be here forthwith, #8220;She doesn#8217;t even have a high school diploma so how the hell is essay in art, she going to teach a graduate level college course?#8221; So Angie, who doesn#8217;t have a college degree at all, is going to be a #8220;visiting professor#8221; at the program she helped create at the LSE#8230;and WLC, who has 2 advanced degrees, had to marry a rich old geezer and become a fameho to get a similar invite from blogussion child theme for thesis, Columbia. Now#8230;does anyone really seriously think Angie has plans to be in either Captain Marvel or The Bride of Frankenstein? Exactly. Whuh? Professor Jolie Pitt? Ruh roh! The FFers and trolls will be here forthwith, #8220;She doesn#8217;t even have a high school diploma so how the the world hell is child for thesis, she going to teach a graduate level college course?#8221; So Angie, who doesn#8217;t have a college degree at all, is going to be a #8220;visiting professor#8221; at the program she helped create at osmosis potato, the LSE#8230;and WLC, who has 2 advanced degrees, had to marry a rich old geezer and become a fameho to get a similar invite from for thesis, Columbia.

Now#8230;does anyone really seriously think Angie has plans to be in either Captain Marvel or The Bride of Frankenstein? Exactly. Seems to be Angie is doing more things besides planning the birthday-party. What incredible woman! my respects. Seems to be Angie is doing more things besides planning the birthday-party.

What incredible woman! my respects. inshallah it will happen. She being groom for it to happen. She being groom for it to best graduate happen. She being groom for it to happen. She being groom for it to happen. She being groom for it to happen. Wow! That#8217;s awesome. Simply for professorship?

Cool#8230; Amazing woman that is what she is. How can anybody believe that Brad and Angie are not made for each other. Blogussion Child? Tabloids keep throwing stuff at fiction, them but they hold strong for their family. Amazing woman that is what she is. How can anybody believe that Brad and blogussion Angie are not made for each other.

Tabloids keep throwing stuff at them but they hold strong for their family. Amazing woman that is what she is. How can anybody believe that Brad and Angie are not made for potato, each other. Tabloids keep throwing stuff at child theme for thesis, them but they hold strong for their family. She isn#8217;t paid for coursework, this job though.

Now she#8217;d have to use Brad#8217;s money to shop while she waits for Maleficent 2 LOL!

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essay poem © 2017 Steve Campsall. improve your poetry grades! Download Free English biz Guides. If you find poetry difficult then you're not alone. For many people, it's the most difficult aspect of the English course. Child Theme! But. For Science! fear not as help and a higher grade are within reach. Read on! Find time to give the English biz guide to essay writing a look over as it's been written to work alongside this one - click here to blogussion child theme, read this later . If you need help with a specific poet or poem, click here or on college essays graduate, a link below. If you're truly stuck you can also email the teacher at theme for thesis, English biz - you'll find a link on the first page of the site, here . What really must be covered in your coursework and exam answers? At the core of any and every answer or essay about poetry must be your own interpretation of the essay on representation poem or poems you are writing about. It is this alone that attracts the majority of marks.

In a nutshell, the more subtly you interpret a poem - and give support for your interpretation - the higher your marks, and grade, will be. Poems are rarely to be taken at face value. It is never the literal meanings that will gain you any marks - it is exposing and discussing the poem's 'deeper meanings' that bring in blogussion for thesis, the marks every time. When you interpret a poem, you seek to explain what you believe these 'hidden meanings' are, show how they have been created and discuss why this was done. Remember: the meanings you seek exist 'between the lines'. It is the poet's use of literary language that creates these layers of meaning . Poems, more than any other literary form, are dense with meanings created by this type of language. This is because poets have so little space in best graduate, which to child theme for thesis, condense as much meaning as possible. This is what makes understanding a poem sometimes very difficult - and yet also, often, fascinating. Let's get one thing clear: interpretation never deals in essay on representation in art, facts . An interpretation is blogussion child theme for thesis, always an opinion - an insight into what the poem might mean. This is why examiners are never happy with students who do no more than trot out the opinions of others, those of their teacher or what they've found in a study guide, for example (examiners do read study guides, btw!). Examiners will always give the most marks to a student's original ideas - so long as they are valid and are supported by close and essay is bliss, careful reference to the poem itself.

Whilst it is blogussion theme, your own ideas that are needed, it is invariably easier to uncover the layers of meaning in a poem by argumentative on ignorance is bliss discussing it with others . Somehow an interaction of minds brings about clearer meaning and a moment when the penny drops. This does not mean you should copy others' ideas but do use such a discussion to blogussion theme for thesis, develop your own interpretations. You might be one of the many who feel discussing poetry is not cool. Well, keep in mind that it's your grades that are at osmosis potato coursework, stake . The exam is not a practice and you need to get the highest grade you can. So, what to blogussion child theme for thesis, do?

For once, ignore being 'uncool' and get boosting those exam grades. Many students lose marks by thesis for science fiction going off at a tangent and misreading their poem. How can you avoid this and blogussion for thesis, know that your interpretation is on the right lines? Here's a very worthwhile tip. How does all this work in practice? Below is an example to help show you. Essay Of Women! It is based on a just a couple of lines from the opening of the blogussion child theme for thesis poem 'Half Caste' by John Agard, a very witty poem that many of you will know.

Don't be put off if you don't know it, you'll be able to apply exactly the same ideas to any poem you are studying. You will see from this just how much can be 'squeezed' from osmosis potato only two lines of blogussion for thesis a poem. This is a key thing for you to appreciate. 'Excuse me standing on one leg I’m half-caste. Explain yuself wha yu mean when yu say half-caste. ' Agard opens his poem by creating an obvious contrast between the standard English of the opening line of the poem and the Caribbean dialect of the second. This creates a clear contrast which works to alert the reader to the fact that while both kinds of English create perfectly obvious meaning, only one kind is considered to essays graduate, be prestigious and 'proper' within educated circles. Ironically, it is the dialect line that creates the more expressive meaning. In this way, Agard manages to blogussion child for thesis, open his poem and introduce a key theme. He wants the reader both to consider and reflect upon what is college admission essays graduate, thought of as acceptable and what is blogussion child for thesis, looked down upon in British society.

He shows us that 'half-caste' language is actually very good language and language that is capable of communicating its message well. Poetry has, as has been said above, been called the art of 'saying the unsayable'. Undoubtedly some poems can seem to create meanings and potato, emotions that seem well beyond the blogussion child for thesis words on the page. Essay On Representation In Art! Language can be a very mysterious and wonderful thing! Hopefully, you will come to enjoy at least some of the poems you study at school but, to be realistic, some poems will, initially at least, appear worryingly difficult. One of the difficulties with a poem is connected with its form - generally speaking, poems are short and this means that poets look for ways to blogussion theme for thesis, squeeze the maximum meaning and feeling into them. Poems are often dense with meaning and unlocking these multi-layered meanings requires patience and skill. But it can be very satisfying - a poem can be like a riddle, fun to jhu essays that, crack!

This english biz guide will help you 'unpick' a poem and for thesis, enable you to work out just what the poet is trying to say, how the poem is 'working' and why this is being done - the poet's purpose . Oh, and finally, you'll find out essay on representation in art what gains most marks - as well as how you can get them! Click here to read a poem that many people feel has magical qualities; and here is another! Of course, individuals react differently to such poems but many students seem to blogussion child theme for thesis, enjoy these two poems. Appreciating the subtleties of a complex poem in classroom conditions is far from ideal. This means that it will be necessary to find a quiet place and argumentative is bliss, time at home with mobile phone, MP3 player and blogussion child for thesis, TV all switched off when you can re-read your poems. Even better, find a friend to read and discuss the poem with - two heads are far better than one when it comes to understanding a complex poem. An odd but useful thing about a poem is that if you leave a day between reading it, some of the argumentative essay on ignorance is bliss poem's extra layers of meaning seem to become more apparent when you read the poem again. It's as if the brain has subconsciously 'worked' on the poem in between readings.

Reading for Meaning. Quite a useful thing to do when you first begin your work on analysing a poem is to. forget it's a poem! Odd as this sounds, your first task is not to dig for hidden meanings but to be sure you've understood the theme poem's 'story' - that is, what it is argumentative essay, generally all about. This can be called the poem's ' big picture '. It's true that in your essay that this will be one of things to which you will be devoting precious little space BUT you simply cannot proceed without it. So, when you first read any poem, first of blogussion all, read it for essay on ignorance is bliss, meaning . These questions will get you on your way: Make a note of blogussion child theme for thesis who is doing the speaking in college essays graduate, the poem - what kind of person and in what kind of state or mood?

By the way, never assume it's the poet: instead, think of it as an imagined poetic persona . Poets often like to explore all kinds of aspects of life in their work and blogussion, this can mean that they try to write from different viewpoints, for example an older male poet can write as a young boy, or even girl! Now work out who is for science, being spoken to or addressed? (Yes - it could be you, the for thesis poem's reader, or it might be an imaginary person. Often, you a poem can seem to be spoken thoughts such as in a monologue , or it could be one half of an best college essays graduate, imaginary conversation. Think about just what is being spoken about? (What is the subject matter being discussed?). Now - and this is crucial to a good understanding - work out exactly what tone of voice or manner of the speaking voice? (Is the speaker sounding worried, reflective, nostalgic, mournful, happy, concerned, angry, for theme for thesis, example?). Importantly, does the tone of for science fiction voice change during the poem? Make a note of where this occurs.

Finally, where do the events of the poem happen and what is the situation surrounding them ? When you read your poem, simply read it as a group of sentences, forgetting the fact that these sentences have been split into lines . At the end of each sentence (i.e. Theme For Thesis! stop reading at each full stop or, maybe, at the world, each semicolon - ; ), work out blogussion child for thesis what the meaning is so far. Of Women In Art! Spend time thinking about this and perhaps note the idea down on for thesis, the poem itself at the side of that part of the poem (this is called annotating the text). This is often the easiest and that, surest way to find out what the poet is trying to theme, say. You can consider the effects of other poetic devices the poet has used, such as the way the lines cut up the sentences, the use of rhythm and rhyme , alliteration and so on later. Of course, this doesn't always work - some poems are, let's face it, especially difficult to worked, understand! They might even lack any punctuation so have no apparent sentences. If you find this to be the case, try searching for blogussion, a study guide to to travel essay, your poem by clicking here or here - or, of blogussion theme course, ask your teacher or a friend for help. If you are still struggling to get to grips with your poem, read it a few more times and, this is the important bit! - leave time between readings (of course, in argumentative essay, an exam, this is not possible). A useful tip : Most people race through poems using a dull voice. Try reading your poems quite S-L-O-W-L-Y . Even better (in fact, far better!) is to read the poem aloud ? Oh yes, you really should!

Find a quiet place, or read with a friend. Put embarrassment to one side for the sake of for thesis a higher grade! Reading aloud is a very effective way of getting 'beneath' the that poem's surface and child, finding its more subtle meanings. But what you have to do is avoid a mouse-like monotone and instead try to achieve the voice the writer of the for science poem intended (and this won't be mouse like!!). Click here to listen to blogussion child theme for thesis, a clip of the essays GCSE poet John Agard reading a part of his poem, 'Half Caste'. You'll see from this just how much more a dramatic reading of some poems can reveal. Always avoid reading the poem in an overly stylised way , i.e. in blogussion theme for thesis, a non-conversational voice! Modern poems, especially, are often best read in admission essays, a normal speaking voice - but it will be a voice with a distinct quality . Do always try to capture this distinctiveness. Shakespeare had a strong Stratford accent apparently - why, then, do we pretend he didn't when we read his plays? The poem's images will, for sure, be there and blogussion child for thesis, the poet has created them to on ignorance is bliss, guide you towards a fuller understanding of the poem's content and blogussion for thesis, messages . Try hard not to be overly ingenious as this leads you finding meanings that are not there . College Admission Graduate! This is a classic problem with even the brightest students when reading poems. Meanings are never 'hidden' - they are always 'there' - maybe 'under the surface', but always 'there'.

And they are always consistent with the whole poem. A poem's deeper meaning might not always be easy to get hold of, but it will be there to find - and - very helpfully and importantly - it will be coherent . Coherence is an important quality of all literature, poems included. It means that the meanings in the poem will all be developed and reinforced logically as the poem progresses . The first line always contributes to the overall meaning, as do all other lines. If you do think you've found a meaning in child for thesis, a poem and it does not contribute in some obvious way to the overall meaning of the on representation of women in art whole poem , you are almost certainly off track and misreading the poem: a classic way to lose marks! Click here to blogussion theme for thesis, listen to John Agard reading a part of potato coursework his poem, Half-Caste . Child Theme! Notice the slow and emphatic nature of his voice. If you take a leaf from his book and read your poems slowly and dramatically you will obtain far more meaning from your poems - and gain higher grades ! Writing your essay. Writing an the world essay, essay about a poem needs the same skills that apply to all essay writing.

The english biz essay writing guide is full of ideas that will help gain you a higher grade - be sure to blogussion child, read this - click here . As with all essays, you cannot hope to essay, do well unless you know your text well . Only then will you be able to develop a sufficiently strong viewpoint from which to theme for thesis, create the on representation necessary argument that forms the basis of the best essays. The best essays are written as if they were an argument - again, the Englishbiz guide has much more on this. What is your teacher or examiner actually looking for in your essays? You need to show that you have understood not just the poem's 'surface' meaning - try to blogussion child theme, show knowledge of on representation of women its layers of meaning and its more subtle messages . You need to show you have understood how the poet has used language and poetic devices to help create and 'shape' create subtle underlying messages . You need to show you have recognised how meaning is developed across the whole poem - as each idea is explored and builds up into child a coherent whole. How to want to travel the world essay, do this to gain high marks.

Read the essay question or title very carefully . You just wouldn't believe how many students answer a different answer to the one asked. Yes - they do, every year! If you are revising for an exam, ask your teacher to show you some past exam questions . There is no better way to familiarise yourself with what is required in theme, the exam and your teacher will be happy to thesis for science, mark any questions you try. Some exam boards now post downloadable past exam papers on their web sites . Highlight the key words of the essay question and blogussion theme for thesis, be sure you address each of these in your answer - marks will be lost if you don't! In an exam question, there will usually be bullet points to guide your response - you MUST cover the points these mention as the exam marker gives marks based on these . If it is osmosis potato, not clear in the essay question, decide which poem(s) will help you answer it. Work out child exactly what is on ignorance, required of you. Discussing the poet's life and times, i.e. their context , rarely gains marks. It is often better to get on with your analysis of the poem(s) straight away. Be aware of any significant changes in emphasis and the tone of voice as the story, ideas or images of the blogussion child poem unfolds. Work out how and why these tones and changes in tone have been made to occur through particular choices of language or form . This is important as it will allow you to comment on the structure of the poem and this gains many marks. Be especially alert to best admission essays, the use of an ironic tone of voice.

Irony is an child theme for thesis, important and frequent poetic device used by poets. Irony is an effective means of engaging the reader. Irony subtly shapes meaning and develops layers of meaning within the to travel the world essay poem. As well as irony , poets frequently rely on child, the use of what is called ' figurative' language . It's very important to notice where figurative language is used, the effect it creates and on representation of women, the purpose intended. Figurative language creates 'figures' or images in the mind's eye. It is the use of description , metaphor , simile or personification . This common poetic device helps the poet to create and shape meaning. It also works to develop an emotional response in you, the reader.

Figurative language works so well because it creates images in the mind - and theme, as the old saying goes, 'a picture is worth a thousand words. '. Look at these opening lines and see how the images are created and begin to work: I’ve known rivers: I’ve known rivers ancient as the world and thesis, older than the. flow of human blood in human veins. My soul has grown deep like the rivers. from 'The Negro Sings of Rivers' by Langston Hughes. Read your poem through a sufficient number of blogussion child times for want the world, you to blogussion theme for thesis, feel sure you have grasped its big picture . Finally, with the on representation of women in art essay question firmly in mind , work out your response to it.

This is your own point of blogussion view on essay of women in art, which you will base your essay. An important way you can unlock subtle meanings in any text, but especially in a poem, is to look for the effects of child theme binary oppositions . Click on the hyperlink if this idea intrigues you. It is a guaranteed 'mark grabber' as it allows a very subtle response indeed to to travel, a poem (or any text). If you can discuss a text at the level of its binary oppositions , you will have at your disposal a sophisticated way of child theme analysing the subtle levels of meaning created in poetry - but this method is sophisticated and requires very careful thought. FOR A FULL GUIDE TO THIS FASCINATING ANALYTICAL TECHNIQUE - CLICK HERE. Some more ways to unlock the meaning of a poem. There is a key aspect to the world essay, every poem you need to consider - the one aspect that separates all poems from any other kind of blogussion child writing: its form . You need to work out why the poet wrote it in on representation in art, lines! Writing in lines means the child theme poem is composed in verse . Notice where the poet sliced up each sentence into best admission graduate shorter lines (and sometimes even across the stanzas of the poem).

Does it allow a special degree of blogussion child theme for thesis emphasis to be placed on parts of the best college essays sentence that might have been lost if it was not 'sliced' up into lines - i.e. if it had been written as a piece of blogussion child continuous prose ? See if you can work out how the best admission poet's use form helps to emphasise certain words or ideas as these often act subtly to shape meaning . Remember that only poetry allows this 'playfulness' with form . Poets truly enjoy playing with the form of poetry - after all, that's why they like writing poetry! As well as choosing where to end a line or a verse (i.e. properly called a stanza ), or whether to use rhythm or rhyme , there are many other ways in which a poet can play around with the form of language to add to the meaning: Some lines might seem to end quite abruptly - even without using a full stop. This can be used to child, create subtle effects. For example, an potato, end-stopped line can lead to a useful pause occurring before you read on thus creating emphasis (see the technical term caesura below). Some lines might 'run on' into the next line or even the next stanza. Poets also sometimes create the effect of an theme for thesis, extended pause between words, phrases or lines - again with or without using punctuation to achieve this effect. This enforced mini-pause is called a caesura . This is a subtle effect that leads to an emphasis or a pause for thought being created. Some I mportant 'Poetic Devices' Alliteration is the osmosis repeating of initial sounds as in blogussion child theme for thesis, William Blake's poem The Tyger: ' T yger!

T yger! B urning b right!'. This often creates emphasis and, like the want to travel the world use of blogussion rhythm and to travel the world, rhyme , makes words memorable. It can also help to blogussion child, create a different tone - depending on which consonants are alliterated. Alliteration using consonants such as 's' or 'f' will create a softer tone of voice.

Alliteration created using harsher consonants such as 'b' or 'd' can create a harsh even angry tone. Always try to work out the tone of voice within your poem and note how and where this changes . A ssonance is the term used for the repetition of vowel sounds within consecutive words as in, 'rags of gr ee n w ee d hung down. '. Vowel sounds are always softer sounding and can add to the quality of the tone of voice within the poem, perhaps creating a sense of softness of mood or romance . A combination of soft consonants and long vowels can create a particularly gentle tone. Rhyme is when the final sounds of words are the same and are repeated either within a line (this is called internal rhyme , as in 'I bring fresh showers for jhu essays that worked, the thirsting flowers ') or at the end of blogussion child for thesis two lines (this is called end rhyme ). Work our the effect rhyme creates. Does it make the poem more memorable? Does it add to the 'feel', the thesis meaning or the tone in a useful way?

Does it create a happy sense that 'all is well with the world'? Often 'sound effects' created by using the form of words help to suggest a particular tone of voice . For example, repeated hard consonants called 'plosive consonants' (b, p, c, k, d, etc.) can suggest harshness or anger, whereas soft consonants (sh, ch, s, f, m, etc.) or 'long' internal vowels (e.g. the s oo n the sh ow ers of au tumn') can suggest a calm or romantic quality. Rhyme can also suggest or add a sense of control or harmony as if 'all is well with the world', whereas half-rhyme (e.g. moan/mourn, years/yours) can suggest a wish for harmony or the presence of discord . Repetition of important words and phrases can help shape meaning because it adds emphasis . Are the stanzas (i.e. Blogussion Theme For Thesis! what many students wrongly call 'verses') regular in line length, size and shape with a repeating, regular rhythm? This is potato, typical of older more traditional British poetry and hints at that sense of 'control' and child, 'harmony' that seemed to exist in college admission graduate, earlier days before the great loss of religious faith or questioning of values of today. Poems with irregular line lengths and no obvious rhythm or rhyme look and sound very different from traditional poetry. These poems are called free verse or, technically, 'vers libre' and theme for thesis, can be a way of suggesting lack of argumentative essay control or lack of harmony . Look at the way the structure or sequence of ideas builds up in the poem (perhaps through a sequence of images ); make a note of the blogussion theme for thesis effect of this sequencing of ideas or images and how it adds to the overall effect and meaning of the poem. Finally, notice if any particular words and phrases stand out in a particularly poetic way. These words and phrases deserve extra thought as they probably contain layers of meaning or create imagery and ideas.

Maybe the words are ironic or metaphorical? Perhaps they create a vivid image , for example. These effects act to draw you deeper into the world of the poem by engaging your attention - a sure sign that the poem is 'working' on you! In your mind, 'become' the want the world poet and ask yourself these revealing questions: 1. What is blogussion theme for thesis, 'your' poem about generally (e.g. 'war') and in particular (e.g. 'the horror of fighting in trench warfare'). For example, were you trying to help your reader to understand some aspect of society or human life more clearly? What was your intention or purpose?

3. Best! What motivated you to write about for thesis, such a subject? Were you affected by your circumstances : the beliefs, values and thesis for science fiction, attitudes you hold to compared to child, the general beliefs, attitudes and for science, values of blogussion theme for thesis your society or its leaders (i.e. your society's dominant ideologies )? 4. Were there any literary traditions or fashions that affected the style in which you wrote? Why was this? You will frequently be asked to best admission essays graduate, write about more than one poem and this does add an for thesis, extra layer of want to travel essay difficulty. However, if you are writing an argument essay , the difficulty is lessened dramatically because you are using the child theme poems to support your own argument rather than writing directly about the poems themselves. Aspects of each poem will, therefore, naturally find their way into your essay as you write in support of the various points you are making to want, support your argument. It is, therefore, always best to compare and blogussion theme for thesis, contrast the ideas each poet explores as you proceed - and this is osmosis potato, best done as providing support for child, your own argument. In each paragraph you write, you should aim to discuss a comparable or contrasting aspect chosen from each poem (and, as before, you must use the 'point-quotation-comment' method) that helps develop a point that supports your overall argument as stated in your opening paragraph. If you find this difficult (and it can be - especially under examination conditions), the alternative is to write an 'exploring essay'.

In this kind of essay, you analyse and write about your first poem fully before moving on want to travel the world, to your second poem, then, as you write about the second poem, you must take the theme for thesis chance frequently to essay is bliss, refer back to the first poem when you find a suitable point of comparison or contrast. N ever forget to compare and for thesis, contrast! This is a part of the mark scheme in this type of question. FIVE TOP TIPS FOR SUCCESS. 1. Best Essays! Know your poems well. 2. Analyse closely analysis and develop subtle insights. Only a close analysis of the poem will allow you to develop subtle insights into the poet's reasons and methods. Blogussion For Thesis! It is the consistency, clarity, depth and subtlety of your analysis and insights that will gain the highest marks.

3. Use the P.E.E. method of on representation of women analysis. 4. Never look for blogussion theme, and find what isn't there ! Poems can be difficult so when you are thinking about the deeper levels of a poem's meaning, it is best graduate, all too easy to be overly ingenious . Do not find meanings that are not really there. If a particular meaning exists within a part of a poem, it will be consistent with (i.e. help out the meaning of. Child Theme For Thesis! ) the whole poem - it will never just apply to a single line or phrase. If you think a line of poetry means something, make sure this fits in with what you think the poet is trying to say in the whole poem. A more obvious meaning is far more likely than a very obscure meaning. Always make sure that the words of your poem clearly support whatever points you want to make about it. Never be afraid to use a lively style when you write; in fact, whilst remembering always to avoid slang and to argumentative, use standard English , try hard to make your essay sound as individual and theme for thesis, interesting as you are!

Avoid stuffiness and over-formality like the plague.